From managing the county seat’s public affairs during the issues in Ferguson to helping the Metropolitan Sewer District earn taxpayers’ trust, our strategic work with clients who trust us is rewarding and impactful.


Pinnacle Entertainment

Our team led the communications campaign for the opening of the River City property in Spring 2010, including pre-opening media coverage and crisis planning, helping to design the opening events themselves with a media perspective in mind, creating the opening program and comments by speakers. The opening event generated more than $900,000 in publicity value for the client.

Mardi Gras, Inc.

StandPoint designs and executes the communications and marketing campaigns for all 14 official Mardi Gras events in St. Louis, and Mack Bradley serves as "Foreign Minister" and media spokesperson, engaging with event design and management. In 2011, our media efforts generated more than 7,500 press mentions, including print, television, Web and social media. That same year, our social media presence increased by more than three-fold overall.