Our team has designed and executed strategic communications programs around crisis and potential-crisis situations, complex policy issues, major real estate developments, large-scale public events, and multi-billion dollar initiatives. Recent examples include:

A PR campaign that generated $1 million in publicity value around a one-day public event;

A social media campaign that increased our client’s reach to key audiences by 450% in less than one month;

A crisis management campaign around an issue receiving intense global attention that left our client well-organized and well prepared, with their reputation intact, even enhanced among key constituencies;

A community engagement campaign for a large public agency that has built long-needed ties with numerous stakeholders, creating relationships and trust that benefit the entire organization.

We’re curious. We’re deliberate.  We’re thorough.

StandPoint is a strategic consultancy for business, government and community organizations that find themselves in a complex, challenging, sometimes even hostile environment.

We investigate that environment; we probe, ask, think and then act.

We manage reputations, crisis communications.

Our dynamic team has earned a solid reputation as a thought-leader in public affairs by producing results for our clients and by acting as a trusted advocate for their interests.

Strategic Communications | Crisis and Issue Management | Corporate Social Responsibility | Reputation and Brand | Social Media | Media Relations | Event Management and Promotion |  Leadership Development | Messaging | Spokesperson Services | Training 

I have seen the value of Mack and his firm first hand and I can attest to his broad range of abilities, whether dealing with the opportunities and challenges associated with a billion dollars in investment.
— Todd George, former Senior Vice President & General Manager, Lumiere Place and River City Casino; current CEO, EPIC Hospitality
StandPoint’s strategic insight and keen understanding of the press, the community and people have helped me in shaping messages for the public as well as the associates within our operation.
— Doug Dean, General Manager Union Station Marriott

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