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Three Key Ingredients make up our
approach to every client initiative:

Perspective on yourself, your goals
and your environment;

Planning that will use your
resources wisely;

and Action to turn your plans
into results.

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Make Your Point.

StandPoint offers strategic public affairs consulting for business, government, and community organizations that find themselves in a complex, challenging, sometimes even hostile environment.

Our success is built on a few simple, if elusive, ideas: credibility, coherence, and context. Each is critical, both for our clients and for us. All are elusive in a world bent on trivia and distraction.

Weaving each of these ideas into your communications requires perspective on your standpoint, knowledge of your audiences, and insightful action. To promote your success, there are things you need people to know; things you need people to believe, about you, your values and your future; and things you need people to do, based on these beliefs.

Results are key, but our experience teaches us that any public affairs program must also work to limit your Entropy—the amount of energy being expended that is not available to do work. This physical sciences maxim is as true in our business. As any system becomes more disordered, its energy becomes more evenly distributed, and thus less able to do work. Thus focused effort and thoughtful execution will help to create a communications system that is effective, efficient and sustainable, given your objectives.

Our team has earned a solid reputation by producing results for our clients, and by acting as a thoughtful, trusted advocate for their interests.

Asking the right questions is crucial to the success of any public affairs program. Those who don’t take the time to do so risk success and waste resources. We know what questions to ask so that your tactics advance your strategy.