StandPoint is a strategic consultancy for decision-makers in business, government and community organizations who operate in increasingly complex, unpredictable and challenging environments.

We probe, ask, think, analyze and act. We are ready to anticipate, leverage, manage or mitigate your legal, political, policy, reputational and communication challenges and opportunities.

Our approach is informed by our values of thoughtful, honest counsel, civic engagement and a quarter-century of experience.

Our key assets

We have deep experience with large, complex projects and diverse skills in strategic communications, economic development, information analysis, national security and law.

We have broad insight into the St. Louis community and the aptitude to uncover and overcome dominant-mindset biases.

We have a record of success with the press and the community, representing public and private entities with multiple stakeholders and multifaceted issues.

Our key qualities

We are collaborative leaders who work well with others.

We are creative communicators who blend traditional and emerging tools to engage audiences.

We are strategic leaders who can grasp the subtleties of your environment and act constructively to best achieve your purpose.